Course Introduction

Try using these expressions when you are at the airport in Korea!
And if you have any questions, please ask him in the comment section below 😎

Which gate shoul I be on board?
👉Tabseung-eun eodiseo hanayo?

Your flight is being delayed
👉Bihaeng-giga yeonchagdwaess-eoyo

How long would the departure be delayed?
👉Chulbal-i eolmana jiyeondoelkkayo?

We estimated it to be about 1 hour
👉Han siganjeongdo yesangdoebnida

What time is it now in Seoul?
👉Seoul-eun jigeum myeochsiyeyo?

How long do I have to wait?
👉Eolmana gidalyeoya dwaeyo?

Can I see yout passport?

Where Can I claim my luggage
👉Jim-eun eodiseo chaj-ayo?

What is the purpose of your visit
👉Bangmun mogjeog-i mueos-ibnikka?

I’m here for tours on purposes
👉Gwangwanghaleo wass-eoyo

I’m here to study

I’m here for a business trip
👉Sa-eobcha wass-eoyo

I’m here to visit a friend
👉Chingumannaleo wass-eoyo

I’m here to visit my family
👉Gajog mannaleo wass-eoyo

Is this your first time visiting Korea?
👉Hangug-e cheoeum wass-eoyo?

Yes, this is my first time
👉Ne ibeon-i cheoeum-ieyo

How long do you plan to stay?
👉Eolmana meomuleul yejeong-ieyo?

One week

One month
👉Han dal-iyo

One year
👉Il nyeon-iyo

Where do you plan to stay?
👉Eodie meomuleusil yejeong-ingayo?

I will stay at my friend’s house
👉Chingu jib-e iss-eulgeoyeyo

Did you ticket your flight back?
👉Gwigug hang-gong-gwon-eul yemaehasyeossnayo?

Where can I do the currency exchange?
👉Hwanjeon-eun eodiseo haeyo?

Can I change this into korean WON
👉Wonhwalo bakkwojuseyo

Where can I find an information center?
👉Annaesoneun eodie iss-eoyo?

How can I get to downtown?
👉Sinaelo eotteohge gayo?

Where can I get on
👉Eodiseo tayo?

Where can I get on the taxi?
👉Taegsi eodiseo tayo?

Where can I get on the bus?
👉Bus eodiseo tayo?

Where can I get on the subway?
👉Jihacheol eodiseo tayo?

How long would it take?
👉Eolmana geollyeoyo?

Where can I buy the ticket?
👉Pyoneun eodiseo sayo?


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Ayden Lee

Hello Im Ayden from The Korean Teaching Company


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