Course Introduction

Try using these expressions when you are in a hotel in Korea!
And if you have any questions, please ask him in the comment section below 😎

I’d like to check-in please

This is my reservation information
👉Yeogi je yeyagjeongboyeyo

I have a reservation undered name of Ayden
👉Aydeun ileum-eulo yeyaghaess-eoyo

Can you confirm please?

I will confirm that information

Your room number is 101
👉Bang beonhoneun 101 ibnida

Here is your key card
👉Kikadeu (Key card) yeogi issseubnida

The breakfast is provided from 6 to 9
👉Josig-eun yeoseos sibuteo 9sikkaji jegongdoebnida

The breakfast is free
👉Josig-eun mulyoibnida

What time is the check-out
👉Chekeuaus-eun myeochsiibnikka?

Is there wifi provided?

Can I check in early please?
👉Jogeum iljjig chekeu-inhal su issnayo?

The check in starts at 3
👉Chekeu-in-eun se sibuteo ganeunghabnida

Can you hold on to my luggage?
👉Jimjom mat-ajusil su issnayo?

Is there an empty room today?
👉Oneul bin bang iss-eoyo?

How much is it for one night?
👉Ilbag-e eolmayeyo?

Can you change the room into 2 beds?
👉Chimdae 2gae bang-eulo bakkwojusil su issnayo?

Can I have the room with a good view?
👉Byu joh-eun bang-eulo juseyo


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Ayden Lee

Hello Im Ayden from The Korean Teaching Company


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