Course Introduction

Try using these expressions when you want to support loved ones in Korea!
And if you have any questions, please ask him in the comment section below 😎

00:22 You have my support
00:29 Take care of your health
00:35 Wear warm clothes
00:46 Be careful not to catch a cold
00:57 Make sure you don’t skip your meal
01:11 I miss you
01:18 Cheer up
01:26 Don’t be sad
01:34 You will have me by your side
01:48 You make me happy
02:01 I love you
02:08 Please be with me
02:20 I will see you in my dreams
02:30 Have a nice dream
02:40 Have a good rest
02:49 This is from my heart


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Ayden Lee

Hello Im Ayden from The Korean Teaching Company


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